DC United License Plates


Applications are now being accepted for Virginia D.C. United plates. The plate is in the initial stages of the VA DMV approval process and requires 350 pre-paid applications. We need you the fans to be a part of this effort! Standard DCU logo plates are $10 ea. and personalized plates are $20 ea. Be one of the first 350 to register and receive a FREE D.C. United t-shirt!



D.C. United is working with the D.C. DMV to secure custom plates for D.C. residents.
For updates on this process, please email your name and contact information to: marketing@dcunited.com


D.C. United Organizational Plates for Maryland

The Screaming Eagles have been working with D.C. United to bring organizational plates to the State of Maryland. It has taken a long time, but we are happy to announce that the effort has paid off and that the plates are now available for order.

If you are interested in ordering tags for your car or want more information please send an e-mail to dcunitedplates@screaming-eagles.com or stop by the Screaming Eagles tailgate in Lot 8 before any home game.

Who are the Screaming Eagles and why do I need to go through you?

The Screaming Eagles have provided passionate support for D.C. United and have promoted Major League Soccer through their contributions in the community since the club's inception in 1995. A registered 501(c) (4) non profit organization, the Screaming Eagles have over a thousand active members and represent a wide variety of ages and nationalities.

The state of Maryland requires organizational plates to be issued through a non profit organization. We have collaborated with D.C. United to get the plates approved by Maryland and will be acting as the intermediary between you and the MVA.

How much does it cost?

The cost is a one-time $25 fee. This fee is paid to the MVA and the Screaming Eagles are not making a profit on the plates.

I just renewed my registration – how do new tags impact that?

Your renewal will be unaffected by the new tags. When you receive your new DCU tags you will receive stickers that match your current registration expiration.

Can I get my plates personalized? How about requesting a certain plate number?

Unfortunately you are unable to personalize an organizational plate in Maryland. The plate is restricted to a four digit number as displayed in the photo above. Plates are issued in sequential order and we have no control over what number you will receive.

How do I get an application?

There are two primary ways to get an application:

  • Stop by the Screaming Eagles tailgate before any D.C. United home game. We are set up in Lot 8 just past the Soccer Celebration if you are walking from the stadium. Look for the black tents with the Screaming Eagles logo.
  • E-mail me at dcunitedplates@screaming-eagles.com

Can I download a form on-line or go directly to the MVA?

The form is a carbon-based form so uploading it to the website is not possible. Also, the MVA will require that you contact us so it is easiest to use the two methods listed above.

How long does it take?

We will make every attempt to get an application out to you within a day or two of when you request it. We have been told it will then take about two to three weeks from when you return the completed form to us. The MVA stocks the plates in batches of 50 so there may be some delay if they need to reorder. We will actively work with the MVA to alert them of incoming applications to minimize this possible delay.

I have the application but I am not sure what to fill out or where to get some of the information the MVA is requesting!

You should have received a sample plate highlighting in yellow the sections you are required to complete as well as a form of general instructions and where you can find most of the required information (if you have your driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance card that should be all you need). However, you can go here (link to sample form) and here (link to instructions) to retrieve the instructions on-line.

I got my new tags and they are perfect – what do I do with my old tags?

Turn them in at an MVA location or bring them to a Screaming Eagles tailgate and we will take care of it for you.