2014 Screaming Eagles Road Trip Schedule

We Want Five

No Tricks, but Plenty of Black & Red Treats

You simply Can’t Hold Us Back! Fans are pumped that our most-hated rivals get to hear Olsen’s Army at our house in North Jersey.

Eastern Conference Semi-final Game #1
Sunday, November 2nd
Red Bull Arena

Beat Red Bulls Romp Ticket & Bus Package

  • $60 $50 for members
  • $65$60 for non-members

Order now at SEstore.net as we try and fill as many buses as we can in the incredibly short timeframe.

Thanks to Jimi, our roadtrip director, for slashing prices on Halloween to get more fans up to scare Mike Petke and the Pink Cows! Drop him a note if you have questions at roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com

We have tried to make this as convenient as possible for our fanbase and those who travel up with us will enjoy a memorable adventure.

Bus Itinerary

  • 08:00 a.m. depart Key Elementary School, Arlington, Virginia (free parking in the school on the weekend)
  • 08:30 a.m. depart RFK Stadium (free parking in Lot 5)
  • 10:15 a.m. depart White Marsh Park & Ride (free parking all the time)

For those who wish to venture up on their own and join in at the stadium.

Ticket Only Package
  • $22 for members (each person MUST be a member)
  • $25 for non-members


Thumbs are up in Toronto

We have a long history of venturing to every destination imaginable when it comes to following the team. As our famous roadtrip t-shirt says “We’re Not Here to Sightsee”, but you can be sure we have alot of fun along the way!

Road trip Director Jimi Butler has already plotted this season’s travels.  If you are interested in going on one of these trips (or helping Jimi plan and or run a trip), please contact him at roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com  As the details of these trips are fleshed out we will update this page.

If you are looking for our trips to cheer on the USA, just click here!

Already Completed Journeys this Season:

  • February 5th – 12th IMG Academy
  • February 22nd – March 1st Carolina Challenge Cup
  • March 22nd Toronto
  • April 19th Columbus
  • May 3rd Portland
  • May 10th Philadelphia
  • May 24th New England
  • June 11th Montreal (Wednesday)
  • July 5th Toronto
  • July 11th San Jose (Friday)
  • August 3rd Houston (Sunday)
  • August 9th Real Salt Lake
  • August 23rd Sporting K.C.
  • August 27th L.A. Galaxy (Wednesday)
  • September 6th Vancouver
  • September 10th N.Y. Red Bulls (Wednesday)
  • September 16th Waterhouse F.C. (Champions League in Kingston, Jamaica)
  • September 20th Chicago
  • October 12th Houston (Sunday)

Come Join Us On the Road in 2015

The league is expanding and that means more trips will be coming our way.

If you have questions about any trip, just drop Jimi a note at roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com

Ride in Comfort to an Away Match

Ride in Comfort to an Away Match