Break Out the Orange Ball!!

Are You All Bundled Up Today?

Wintry weather just makes us pine for news of players frolicking on warm grass fields. Fortunately there is some focus to the build-up in the the Klinsi wonderland.

After a few injuries, the USMNT player pool is being winnowed for the Tuesday, January 29th match on the Deuce [...]

Same Old Bull

Throw the Metros Down the Well

It doesn’t matter what aging superstar the franchise slips into the jersey, it is always the same old bull. Metro Playoff Failure is just one of the hallmarks of the sad sacks from the swamps of Jersey. Prior to the Handball Henry experiment, another French superstar had to [...]

Clyde is a Class Act

Respect from the Nation’s Capital

Let it not be said that the Black and Red faithful do not hold Clyde Simms in the highest regard. He was always a player who exuded class in every aspect of his career while playing for DC United. Steve Goff has a terrific piece up that demonstrates [...]

NestLiner: 37 Days

DC United

37 days between now and United’s opener on March 10.  Still have some roster spots to fill, though the acquisition of Danny Cruz will help fill out the roster quite well, and the twitter news today that Untied is in talks with forward Hamdi Salihi from what United’s Austrian affiliate Rapid Vienna [...]

NestLiner: Draft Time

What does United need?

This January is different when compared to the last two.  Two years ago, Curt Onalfo had no time to prepare and build a team and headed into the draft.  With no plan, the team assembled a bunch of extra parts and failed.  After the 2010 season, United kind of beat [...]