Why are D.C. Soccer Fans Smiling?

Plenty to Smile about at RFK

Plenty to Smile About

What’s not to like about being a D.C. United fan right now?!! We are floating on cloud nine with feel-good moments on and off the field.

It is not just about having one of the hottest teams in the league or even seriously battling it out for the conference lead. No, it is the incredible bond that is developing between the supporters and this particular squad. Perhaps it is because not only are they a cohesive group that play with passion and commitment, but seem to do so with smiles on their faces!

We heartily encourage everyone to watch Unmarked Episode 5 which encapsulates it all with the remarkable adventure of Jordan Johansen’s wish coming true on www.dcunited.com – it will leave you with a lump in your throat and a tear in the eye!

Visitors from Canada

Let’s Welcome Our Canadian Friends

The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming! Well, red jerseys that is.

Ryan Nelsen’s stacked squad of Michael Bradley, Jermain Defoe and the rest will be here Wednesday and we are preparing to greet them en masse. Come join the cohorts of Olsen’s Army as we continue to man the ramparts to make RFK an impregnable fortress!

Seventh Heaven in Lot 8

Reunion at RFK this Summer

Now is the time to bring all your family and friends out to support the team. We have an absolutely packed schedule over the next couple of months and would love to see your crew at home or on the road.

Whether you want tickets to this or future home games or even any of our roadtrips, you can order them easily right at SEStore.net and get ready for all the futbol action. Vamos United!

Donald Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up to Those Who Stood Up

We can’t say enough thanks to Donald, Paul, Svetoslav, Molly, Nicole and all those who showed the fortitude to make it across the finish line of the two legs of Muriel Bowser’s Roundtable marathon this week!

We are truly indebted to these fans for their patience, perseverence, passion and eloquence in providing public support for the Buzzard Point stadium plan.

If you haven’t participated yet, please consider joining the movement at UniteDC.org as the process continues.

Bring the Youth out to RFK

Perfect Time For Youth Movement

What better way to snap the summer doldrums than at RFK with the kids? Bring them to the August Trifecta of the TFC, Colorado Rapids and NYRB home games so that they can expend their energy cheering on the Black & Red.

Speaking of the next generation, congratulations to our young members on the Arlington Eagles who crushed the Sporks Academy at the Maryland Soccerplex and have made it to the Semifinals of the US Youth Soccer National Championships. If you want to support them in person, join us on Saturday!

U14 Boys National Championship Semifinal
Arlington Eagles vs. Real Colorado
Saturday, July 26th
Maryland SoccerPlex
10am – Field #9

Good luck to them and all the teams from our region!

United We Stand at the Roundtable

Beautiful RFK

Supporters Supply the Beauty at RFK

Let’s be honest. Our home in the creaky old stadium evokes wonderful memories of past glory, but is not up to standard.

The nation’s capital is long, long, long past the point of needing a new stadium and the fact that our local pols have taken so long to see the light should not deter us.

Popular Plan

Stadium at Buzzard Point is Beautiful

Councilmember and mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser will be holding two public roundtables on the proposed new stadium for D.C. United. Join us in urging her to support the stadium plan!

The first one is tonight and if you are a voter in Wards 1 or 2, you really should try and show up at the Reeves Center.

The Ward 1 and 2 roundtable
Wednesday, July 23rd at 6pm
Reeves Municipal Center
2000 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009,
2nd Floor Community Room

Family Affair at RFK

Black and Red Community has Come Together

Muriel Bowser toured the site for the future stadium yesterday and has questions, so those who want to see progress made in this city can make a difference. Let us show her that we are united in supporting this vision of continuing the transformation of the Anacostia waterfront and providing a catalyst for job creation and economic benefits for the entire city.

Ward 6 Roundtable
Thursday, July 24th at 6pm
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
1100 4th St SW, Washington, DC, 20024

Join the movement at UniteDC.org!

Black and Red Volunteers

Black and Red Volunteers Shine

We wanted to thank our tailgate volunteers for yet again putting on a winning performance off the field on Sunday night!

Our next home match is a midweek “drinks only” affair when we take on Toronto next week, so you won’t see them in action again until August 17th.

Thea would love to see new faces join the volunteer ranks, so if you are interested please drop her a note at tailgatevol@screaming-eagles.com.

Young smiles at RFK

Bring Summer Smiles

School’s out and there is something fun for your young soccer fan to get involved in.

D.C. United has announced the launch of an official Kids Club exclusive for kids 14 years old and younger!

Magical Night at RFK

The Answer is a Resounding Yes

The Answer is a Resounding Yes!

You have to go to work and may not have much of a voice left, but it is so much easier to get through Monday after a performance like last night.

For those who missed out on all the fun, it is hard to capture it all.

Welcome Jordan

Wishes Come True

From the warm ups to the players thanking the fans at the end of the night it was an extraordinary evening.

The three goals that raised the roof were just icing on the cake.

Perhaps it can all be attributed to the lift that a young boy gave the denizens of RFK!

Jordan Greets Fans

Jordan Rules

D.C. United and Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic may have partnered to provide the opportunity for a young fan to meet his hero, Sean Franklin at a game, but this became so much more.

Jordan Johansen was embraced by all and provided a boost for the players and fans alike with his beaming smile and contagious enthusiasm that rippled through every nook and cranny of the venerable stadium.

Thanks, Jordan for being our MVP of the night!!

Biggest Perry Fans

Perry’s Biggest Fans

The Black & Red family was united as one, cheering on the emergence of Eddie Johnson as a force to be reckoned with, the tenacity of Perry Kitchen throughout and the 100th match for newly-minted homegrown All-Star Bill Hamid.

Ben Olsen has undeniably cobbled together a team with a special camaraderie that was evident as it went on to notch another victory in emphatic fashion!

Hot off the Grill

Heaping Praise Where it is Due

Our next home match will be Toronto midweek on the 30th, so we won’t be able to enjoy the full tailgate experience that our fabulous volunteers put on until mid August when we host the Rapids on another Sunday evening.

We are truly indebted to this merry band of volunteers for their hard work creating a unique experience for fans new and old in Lot 8!

Today’s PSA for D.C. United Fans

Fans Heat it Up at RFK

What’s Hot and What’s Not?!!

The team is smoking hot right now, but the team is not hot on smoking.

After years of what can only be described as a laissez faire attitude to the cancer sticks being lit up in the stands, word is out that security will be limiting smoking to the designated areas in the concourse.

So please limit your activity in the stands to ninety minutes of bouncing, cheering, singing, drumming and flag-waving fun!

Bring a Friend to Lot 8

Bring a Friend on Sunday!

Come out early to the match and discuss all the hottest news surrounding the team and sport in the Nation’s Capital while enjoying what’s hot off the grill!

D.C. United vs Chivas USA
Sunday, July 20th
RFK Stadium

Special Sunday time means the Tap Take-over by our friends from Forge Brew Works at our “Grill the Goats” Tailgate will begin at 4pm in Lot 8.

So make plans to attend with all your friends and send in your orders to Nicole at SEStore.net!

Sean and his young fans

Black & Red Wishes Come True!

We were not surprised to hear that Sean Franklin was the hero of a young boy who loves playing and watching soccer.

After all, we have seen him on and off the field bringing smiles to fans of all ages (like in this picture from the pre-season A Day to Unite).

What is cool is that D.C. United and Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic will partner together to make a 12-year-old Arizona boy’s wish come true this weekend. We hope you will join in welcoming Jordan in rousing fashion at RFK!

We Want You

Let the Council Hear Your Voice!

Councilmember Muriel Bowser will be holding two public roundtables on the proposed new stadium for D.C. United. Join us in urging Councilmember Bowser to support the stadium at Buzzard Point!

The Ward 1 and 2 roundtable
Wednesday, July 23rd at 6pm
Reeves Municipal Center
2000 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009,
2nd Floor Community Room

Ward 6 Roundtable
Thursday, July 24th at 6pm
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
1100 4th St SW, Washington, DC, 20024 

Join the movement at UniteDC.org!

DC Fans Ready for Special Sunday

World Cup is Over

Do You Miss Flags, Drums and Trophies?

The World Cup may be over, but the party in town is just beginning!

In case you missed it, Olsen’s Army has plenty to cheer as the Black and Red have deservedly taken over first place in the East.

Birds of a Feather

Time to Flock Back to RFK

Birds of a feather will be gathering again in the Nest on Sunday and there is room for you and your friends!

D.C. United vs Chivas USA
Sunday, July 20th
RFK Stadium

Pass the word on to all of your coworkers who caught the futbol bug and are now suffering from World Cup withdrawal that there is a hot team right here at home that they can support!

Nicole is happy to take orders at SEStore.net and place them in one of our sections at RFK.

Chivas fan

Look Who is Hot Now!

The Black and Red will be facing the hottest team in the league. No joke!

Chivas USA is on a roll and Erick “Cubo” Torres in en fuego and it will take Bill Hamid and the stingiest defense we have seen in quite awhile to cool him down.

Speaking of young Mr. Hamid, he could use your vote for Save Of the Week. So go vote early and often!

Grab a Cold One in Lot 8

Plenty of Fun on Tap!

As if this sizzling encounter wasn’t enough, the fun in Lot 8 ramps up with a Tap Take-over by our friends from Forge Brew Works at our “Grill the Goats” Tailgate!

Which reminds us, those who volunteer to join the tailgate crew for this match will be treated to one of Jeff Fasceski’s succulent smoked pork shoulders as an added bonus.

Just send Thea a note to tailgatevol@screaming-eagles.com if you would like to pitch in on Sunday.