DC Fans Won’t Take this Sitting Down!

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You Have GOT to be Kidding?

Reports are that a hearing on the Buzzard Point Stadium deal has been set for June 26th by D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson.

Nothing else in the soccer universe is going on that day except for a World Cup match between Germany and the United States.

Don’t just vent on social media, please take a moment and respectfully ask that this date be changed.

Call his office: (202) 724-8032

His Chief of Staff: Brian Moore (202) 724-7758, bmoore@dccouncil.us

While you’re at it, please join KeepDCUnited.org and UniteDC.org to keep up with all the latest developments and learn how to take action!

Update: Here are the details for the hearing – we hope you can make it and if not at least provide written testimony!


What is Bringing So Many Smiles?

There’s only oooone Espindola,
Oooone Espindola,
Walking along, singing a song,
Walking in a Fabi Wonderland!

Rob Ford would like us to sing that at RFK early and often. We will be happy to oblige!

Guess what – it is time to vote for Player of the Month! The Black & Red are in second place due in no small measure to his efforts, so let’s give him his due.

While You Were Busy with Club & Country Duty

Did you hear the great news? Responding to feedback, the front office has lowered pricing on Supporters’ Section┬áseating at RFK!

D.C. United vs Seattle Sounders
Saturday, June 28th
RFK Stadium
$25 Tickets in advance

So spread the word far and wide as these seats are going super fast with all the special match events we have planned for the day! We warn you well in advance that the NEST is going to sell out (and then some).

We do not have a tailgate planned for the FEDEX doubleheader this Saturday, but you can plan ahead for quite the celebration at the end of the month in Lot 8!

Kudos to Road Trip Wunderkind!

We are still amazed that Jimi Butler, roadtrip director extraordinaire, was able to pull off a trek that brought SIX busloads of supporters to soak up the spectacle of USA vs Turkey.

While he is busy plotting the next roadtrip, we are busy getting geared up for the World Cup. Stay tuned as there will be plenty happening over the next few weeks to keep us entertained.

Come On United (States and DC)!

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