Heartfelt Message from the Club President

Family at RFK

Focus on the Family

As we head into our last home match for a couple of weeks against the league leaders, let me ask for your indulgence as we sadly put our focus elsewhere. It is with heavy hearts that we learned of the passing of one of our brethren in the Union family. The sudden loss of someone like Eric Shertz forces us to take a step back and ponder what is important.

Why is it that we labor so hard as volunteers to bring fans together to enjoy the beautiful game?

Sure the chants and tifo add color to the atmosphere around any match, but that is only a manifestation of a much larger movement out there. We are a part of a supporters’ culture that may very well be unique in this nation. Fans like Eric exemplify what is special about this enterprise. We are all in this together as we work to grow the love of the game at every level.

Flags a flyin

What does it Mean to be a Supporter

We love to raise our own flags and cheer our side on in the hopes of victory over our opponents, but at the end of the day we are no different than those Sons of Ben. We are all part of a vibrant football family across the length and breadth of this country.

There is a reason why you still see the visage of Chico both home and away, because we will never forget those who exemplified the willingness to welcome others to the fold of our little supporters’ subculture. At this Saturday’s We Mess With Texas Tailgate we will be taking donations from those who wish to give in the memory of Eric to the Shertz family. We will match the funds raised. The Philly or Bust Roadtrip on May 10th will be an opportunity for us to join with the Union supporters and honor his life. We hope you can make the journey with us.

VCU Peppas rocking Lot 8

Celebrate with Pep

We should also note how this tragedy shows how we shouldn’t wait to show our appreciation for those who make a difference! We are constantly asking for members to come up with new ideas on how to improve the club and atmosphere at our grounds. So when Steve Shaw broached the concept of bringing the VCU Peppas to Lot 8 and the stands, we heartily supported turning his vision into a reality at RFK.

Steve will be volunteering with the Grillas to provide plenty of sizzle to the sumptuous feast on Saturday, so don’t hesitate to thank him personally for he so richly deserves the kudos for working tirelessly to enrich the environment that brings fans together!

Philadelphia or Bust Crew

What Else is Bubbling Up?

Another idea brought up by our loveable beer snobs was to host a Home Brew Competition that is open to members of any DC United’s Supporters Group. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it will be held during the June 28th tailgate before the Seattle Sounders match.

Appropriately enough, the theme is “Best Summertime Tailgate Beer” and we are busy working on getting homebrew competition judges lined up! If you would like to enter or have queries, just drop Jeff Fasceski a note at tailgates@screaming-eagles.com

We Love Nicole

What a Hot Ticket

Many don’t realize how much work is done behind the scenes by volunteers like Nicole and Jimi to make sure our members and guests have tickets to all the important Club and Country matches. Please take advantage of their labors by purchasing them directly on our online store.

D.C. United – FC Dallas  April 26th

Philadelphia Union – D.C. United  May 10th

USMNT – Turkey at Red Bull Arena June 1st

Spain – El Salvador and D.C United -Columbus Crew Doubleheader at FedEx June 7th

If you have questions about seats to D.C. United matches, just drop Nicole a note at tickets@screaming-eagles.com and if you would like more information on any of our treks to away matches both DCU and USA send Jimi a query at roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com

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