From White to Green for Black & Red Fans

Black & Red Snowman

Last Snow Sighting of the SEason?

While our snowmen melt away and the team spends their last day (hopefully) indoors, fair warning to the travelers to Toronto. Our road warriors will be facing chilly temps, 15mph wind gusts and, of course, snow squalls at BMO!

Fortunately those inside the Beltway can snuggle by their computers and catch the 4:3opm match on Saturday on without having to don thermals.

Kat thanks

Kudos from Kat

Volunteers of all ages came out to help at the United Builds water station on H Street for the Rock & Roll National Marathon on Saturday morning.

The early risers showed tremendous endurance and were still smiling after serving thousands upon thousands of thirsty runners to cheers of “Thank You, D.C. United”.  Well done!

Raise your DC Brau

Raise DC Brau & Buzzard Point

Reminder to all you ballot stuffers, it is the last week to vote for the Best Local Brewery!

While you’re at it – head over to and help with the push for the stadium deal. Every single voice heard on the issue makes a difference and every precious vote counts!

Bayern smiles

Plenty of News to Sift thru in Lot 8

Nicole is taking orders left and right for the Fire match on Saturday, March 29th and the early tailgate will be buzzing with all the latest news from the futbol world.

Who is happier with the news that Julian Green has been recruited by Klinsi to play for the land of his father? USMNT supporters looking for more young attacking talent or Bayern beancounters eyeing the burgeoning market here in the states?

How about the brazen graft of Jack Warner and his ilk? Or the latest CCL results as the league tries in vain to measure up to our wealthier neighbors? So come raise a pint with us and weigh in on all the issues of the day!

Come On United (States and DC)!

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