Homegrowns Heating Up Black & Red

Ben and Bill

Who’s Happier About the News?

Tough to tell from the tweets whether Ben or Bill is more excited by the announcement that Jalen Robinson has signed with D.C. United. Fans are hoping that our seventh homegrown player is another gem and all signs point that way.

We are thrilled to welcome back Jalen from Wake Forest and look forward to him playing with Collin Martin again this season!


Think Warm Thoughts!

Today’s PSA is devoted to dreaming about enjoying the heat of Lot 8 and RFK! What better way to counteract the chill of winter than snagging the hottest thing around – season tickets in the Nest and beyond!!

Our fabulous ticketmistress is busy taking orders and it is easier than ever as you can do it right online here! Nicole reminds us that the deadline is coming up if you want to get those snazzy ticket booklets (and she assures us that this year’s will be collectors’ items)!! If you have questions, just drop her a note at tickets@screaming-eagles.com.

Responding to Red Bull Taunting

Ready to Raise the Roof in Philly

One thing all the off-season additions to the squad has done is brought more than a little intrigue to what our choice is going to be in the MLS Superdraft.

Yesterday’s tweet by Christian Dean announcing that he had indeed signed a Generation Adidas contract: “Not joining “the” MLS, joining MLS” instantly endeared him to serious fans, but also gave us another quality option for the #1 pick. Will it be Patrick Mullins or one of the Cal centerbacks? Or will we trade the pick?

There is one way to find out first-hand on January 16th - travel up with fellow fans on the special roadtrip for the MLS SuperDraft – sign up here for just $10!

Lot 8 Competition heats up

Getting Ready to Play

We are not going to sit around shivering – far from it! We will be gathering this Saturday for another movie extravaganza and if you would like to join us at Lone Survivor, drop a note to outreach@screaming-eagles.com.

We are also ramping up for our traditional volunteer soiree, so get ready for a festive First of February!

Volunteer Off-SEason Party
Saturday, February 1st
1pm – 4pm
Ri Ra Irish Pub Clarendon

We will be enjoying a  few hours of friendship, good food and brainstorming before the viewing party for the USMNT match against South Korea at 5pm. If you would like to help out drop a note to Jeff Fasceski at tailgates@screaming-eagles.com.

Red and Black Family

Sign Up the Whole Family

Today may be the first time that our Alaska Brigade is enjoying warmer weather than we are enduring in the Nation’s Capital!

No matter where you are in the world, you can still join the club as we get pumped for a fantastic year of soccer fun.

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