Playoffs, Pubs and on the Pitch!

Russ is not happy

Not Going to Be at RFK this Fall

We know our dear friend Russ Thaler is unhappy not to see us in the playoffs, but he is definitely plenty busy without the Black & Red to keep him company. Memories of our latest tifo may linger longer than the time it takes to watch all the highlights from the season, but we will be back.

Syamsir Alam may also have more time on his hands, but that didn’t exactly surprise anyone in the environs of RFK.

The team may be off on hiatus, but we certainly are not!

Orange You Glad

Find a Rooting Interest in the Interim

Admit it! We all have become temporary Houston (and Portland) fans and were thrilled to see Jamison Olave lose his mind and perhaps set his side up to succumb to the curse of Caricola yet again.

We certainly are happy to admit to being guilty of feeling unbridled glee watching ex-DCU Bobby Boswell combine with Omar Cummings to bundle the ball into the Pink Cow net in the waning moments of injury time to tie the match.

Ri Ra Fun

Guess Who was Most Happy at the Pub?

MLS playoff action is not the only futbol we are focused on this off-season. Our first Saturday SEPL (Screaming Eagles Pub Lovers) gathering at Ri Ra in Clarendon was great fun for all who came to share their thoughts on the season and so much more.

How many D.C. United fans were as horrified as we were at the puzzling decision by the Spurs on Sunday as they allowed their clearly concussed keeper to play on?!! For fans who have witnessed the litany of head injuries shortening the careers of Josh Gros, Alecko Eskandarian and especially the sad saga surrounding Brian Namoff, we were positively gobsmacked that the medical staff didn’t step in more forcefully.

Black & Red fans

Plenty of Action on Fall Weekends

We are thrilled to report that SEFC Montgomery County came together on Sunday to thump their nemesis 4-0!!

Props to Mark in goal and the stingy defense for completely shutting down the Twighlighters. Kudos to Kwame for turning back the years to become the marauder of old up and down the right wing all game and have a hand in three of the four goals for a monster match!

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