Stars Shine Again for Club & Country

Flags up at RFK Again

Flags Fly and Stands Bounce in the Rain

Even the beer man was enjoying the showers of goals that rained down upon Montreal’s stunned playoff contenders at RFK Saturday. Talk about the Sudden Impact that our youthful side has shown!

The fans who ventured out and braved the rain were in for a treat and a cathartic release with the torrents of shots that led seemingly inevitably to goals, goals, goals! You can check out plenty of pics by Kim Kolb of all the hooplah at the hallowed grounds.

Thousands more, no doubt will turn up in three weeks time as we take on yet another Canadian side – so you had better order your Nest tix for the Toronto FC match early. Until then, we will be packing the Lucky Bar on Wednesday for the viewing party as we battle in Chicago for the Open Cup.

On the shoulders of youth

Youth Was Served Over and Over Again!

We already knew that Luis Silva had an eye for the back of the net and he certainly didn’t disappoint with calmness in a crowded box and a lethal finishing touch that has Black & Red fans salivating for more.

What did come as a shock, was that the other young guns decided to start firing as well. Conor Doyle and Jared Jeffrey looked like they were having a whole lot of fun out there in the rain and the fans couldn’t be happier!

So much so that our Philly Roadtrip Bus to support the young side against another rival is filling up – get on board for all the fun this Saturday.

Romans are not Concerned

Roma Supporters are Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Sure, the Chelsea juggernaut dismantled another Italian side over the weekend, but Roma has Michael Bradley and their own firepower!

If you aren’t heading up to Chester for the roadtrip, you can catch the Euro giants clash next Saturday night. Our midfield seats are selling briskly for the opportunity to catch Mata, Totti, Hazard, Oscar and a host of other luminaries light up RFK.


Oh Say Can You See!

Speaking of hot tickets – have you made your plans to join us for the double shot of USA-Mexico matches in September yet?

Our supporters section seats for the USWNT match on Sept 3rd at RFK are being snapped up left and right and you can order yours from us before they are all gone!

Likewise, we are already filling up our second bus to Columbus for the World Cup Qualifier and if you want to join us to support Klinsi and Co. with an unbeatable package – just drop Jimi a note at

Thanks to Derek

Kudos to all who Pitched In to Help!

Our hard-working volunteer tailgate crew yet again put out a feast for all who came out to cheer on the team as they always do with smiles galore.

However, we want to extend a special mention to Derek Fuzzell who filled in for our ticketmistress while she was away on injured reserve. We are thrilled to have Nicole back in action, but that is no slight to the effort he put in while she was away.

Well done and none to soon with the host of matches coming up – you can reach her at

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