DeRo Derecho Dumps Philly and Targets Toronto!

How happy are you

Black & Red Nation Rejoices

Now wasn’t that fun?!!

Watching DeRo destroy the Union and get his revenge from the pre-season shenanigans with a hat trick at the Plex was priceless. More importantly was getting a chance to revel in the rest of the team dismantling Philly to the point where  Hackworth’s charges were flailing about futilely.

Mistakes? Unforced errors? There were plenty of them on display in the heat and humidity of Germantown. The difference was that Ben Olsen’s gritty gladiators were the ones that were forcing them! The 3-1 scoreline actually flattered the flummoxed visitors who headed back to Broad St. befuddled and soundly beaten.

Ben Olsen celebrates close shave

THAT wasn’t a Close Shave

The defenders of Ben Olsen can gloat a bit today. Perhaps they were right after all. A team that slowly is getting back to full health and playing with a renewed sense of purpose absolutely demolished one of its I-95 rivals.

Baby steps? That was more like a multi-step jump. Are you ready to take the leap of faith that this might indeed be the turning point in the season? Toronto on Saturday at home may be a sterner test, but the lads definitely seem up to the challenge!

Jay Heaps said last Saturday that this was a good team after we stole a point from the REVS in the middle of their red-hot streak. Now Philly are sounding the same alarm bell to fellow Eastern Conference foes.

Gather at the beer tent

Lot 8 and RFK Will be Humming

So spread the word far and wide that the Black & Red are back and ready to take on all comers!

D.C. United vs. Toronto FC
Saturday, June 15th
Estadio RFK

Nicole is busy taking orders for all of our sections as we prepare a raucous welcome for the team back on their home pitch. As much as we love and respect DCU legend Ryan Nelsen, we have every intention of grabbing the full three points on Saturday!

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