Can United Avoid the Texas Two-Step?

The Field in Frisco is ready for you

Fans Fear Getting Hosed in Frisco

After the abysmal performance midweek that has everyone questioning the professionalism of the side, things don’t get any easier on Saturday. Far from it, as we battle the surprise leaders in the league on their home turf.

Will the prospect of the return of Chris Pontius to the side be enough to put us back on competitive footing or will this be a Black & Red Alamo?

If you would like to join the hardy souls who will be venturing to Dallas, you can grab tix to the match for just $18.

Getting back to Lot 8

Trading Lot 8 for the Pubs on Saturday

At this point the fans can only gather together and pray to the footballing gods that the nightmarish start to season will end! We are beyond rending garments and gnashing of teeth at this stage.

What better time than to introduce a new viewing party option for those on the East side of the river who have long been clamoring for one? Cliff Moy and the Montgomery County SEFC sides invite you to join them in the heart of Bethesda.

Beat Dallas Viewing Party
Bethesda Ri Ra
Saturday, May 11th
Pre-game Bonanza begins at 8pm

Ready for the World Cup

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

We are not exactly relaxing before the next big home matches against the KC Sporks on May 19th and the Portland Timbers on May 25th, as we have to prepare for the German invasion on June 2nd!

US Soccer has shipped our block of 100 and 200 level midfield tix and Nicole will be hard at work organizing the puzzle so that we can begin distributing those reserved tickets at those two matches.

Look what is behind door number one

EagleGate Volunteers Wanted

We will be sending out our first blast about the massive tailgate festivities that will surround the Centennial match by Monday, but one thing is certain. We will need help on this project and if you would like to join in the planning drop a note to us at We want to put on quite the show for one and all, since this comes around only every 100 years!

We will need all hands on deck (or in this case, Lot 8)! Please send Thea a note at  if you are willing to pitch in to help as we host the nation (and our German friends) at what will be perhaps our biggest tailgate ever!

Come On United (States and DC)

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