You Can’t Extinguish Black & Red Voices

Don't Cross the Line with DeRo

The Line is Becoming More Visible

Olsen’s Army will not be muzzled in our support for the Don’t Cross the Line Campaign and are proud that Major League Soccer committed to promoting unity, respect, fair play, equality and acceptance throughout the soccer community. We were thrilled that the league took the lead and were happy to see the NHL follow suit this month with its announcement teaming up with the You Can Play Project.

We have been heartened first by the reaction to Robbie Rogers’ moving letter and now former Washington Wizard Jason Collins and his wonderful column in Sports Illustrated. We fervently hope that professional athletes in all sports will feel emboldened by these men (and those who came before) breaking their silence and opening the door for them.  After all, we know that the fans will not hold them back!!

Cowtown Express Crew

Cowtown Express Crew

Speaking of not holding back, Miguel Martinez captured a great shot of the crew who got up at dawn to wend their way to the Midwest for some early season fireworks and fun!

Needless to say, this Screaming Eagles roadtrip will be added to the long list of memorable romps and we suspect that many more will have claimed to have been on the bus to Columbus.

Gathering at Ri Ra for the Viewing Party

The Black & Red Faithful Gathered

While our Midwest Marauders were watching Clark Hunt’s scoreboard go up in flames firsthand, the folks back home were puzzled at the delay of the broadcast. Fortunately they could make do with other MLS action at Ri Ra until the ladder truck crews got the job done in Ohio.

Thank goodness for social media which allowed those in attendance to pass around twitter pics of the bizarre scenes and enjoy a degree of levity at the absurdity of it all. A few refrains of “The Roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, never mind the water, let the mother&@*%$&# burn…” seemed oddly appropriate.

Team is giving us headaches

Each Goal Felt Like Another Jab to the Skull

Unfortunately, watching the match itself was like driving a sharp implement into the cranium (as Victoria’s ‘Bleeding Scissors’ headgear so aptly demonstrated). Ouch!!

At the moment it appears that we simply cannot score in a brothel and even Luis Suarez himself probably couldn’t get a nibble if he played with us despite what the stats show from the match. Lies, damned lies and statistics come to mind.

Perhaps the dire state of the squad is finally forcing some rethinking from the machete-wielding men.  An early Chris Pontius return to action is just not going to cut it. Even though we don’t have relegation to be concerned with, the specter of the 2010 season looms large!

Save Baron Cameron Park Fields

Save Our Soccer Fields

Both our Arlington and Reston Brigades are sending out an S.O.S. asking for your help with petitions to upgrade or keep fields available for the next generation of players. Would you please take a moment and help out by signing these online efforts to put the decision makers’ feet to the fire to protect our area soccer fields!

Petition to Approve and Fund a Lighted Synthetic Field at Williamsburg Middle School

Save Baron Cameron Athletic Fields

Every vote counts!

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