Early Birds Catch the Point at RBNY


Always a Class Act

The surprise send-off for the pre-dawn trekkers by Doug Hicks was a very good omen indeed! Who knew at the time that donuts would foreshadow the final score and would feel just as tasty in the end?!!

The gesture was appreciated by all who took advantage of the coffee and sugar bombs to fuel their efforts to bring the noise at Red Bull Arena!


Smiles on the Bus Ride

Kudos to Jimi Butler for organizing and running such a successful trip!

With the help of his planning and ability to think on the fly we were able to get four busloads of supporters up to New Jersey safe and sound in time for the match. Thanks to all the fans who got a chance to make new friends along the way and showed why “They Can’t Hold Us Back!”.


Bringing the Passion Since ’96

Once inside the arena, the Black & Red hordes made themselves noticed throughout the match which is the tradition of this particular rivalry since the inception of the league! If you didn’t catch the game live on the peacock mothership, you can always watch it on MLSlive this afternoon when the blackout is lifted.

We always make the venue feel like RFK North as we drown out the locals in their own home. In the snow and cold it was child’s play for the hundreds of Olsen’s Army to show how We Are United in front of the endless rows of empty blue plastic seats stretching before us.


Same Old Pink Cows

Although the Sheetz “You Can’t Put Hate in a Trophy Case” banner captured the essence of the bitter history with a very simple message to the folks in NY/NJ/whatever before we stole a point from them, there was another entry that stole the show!

If MLS wants rivalry week, we’ve got some quality rivalry smack talk right here! Marcelo and Joanne’s humorous and very artistic spin on our foe’s reaction to both trophies and the weather drew guffaws all around. Be afraid, be very, very afraid you hapless cows from Harrison!

Terrific to see such witty tifo appear on the road!


Missed it By THAT Much

Whew! RBNY came THAT close to scoring! Did you miss out on the trip to watch Bill Hamid stand on his head to deny RBNY points?

Not to worry, you can catch the contender for MLS Goalkeeper of the Year yourself as we focus on his return to RFK. Bring your crew & game faces for a special afternoon match against another division foe.

D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew
Saturday, March 23rd
3:30 PM
Tailgate begins at 11:30am

Nicole is taking orders for all of our sections at tickets@screaming-eagles.com, so please spread the word!

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