NY Should Fear Black & Red Ides of March

Ready for Dunkin

To Help Wake You Up!

Not only is it a bonus that Metro is opening up at 5am just to give us all plenty of time to get to three of the NYRB road trip departure points on Saturday, but the Key Elementary School parking lot is a mere block from the Courthouse Metro AND there is a brand spanking new Dunkin Donuts right on the way to the parking lot from the Metro!!

Mmmmmm… donuts!

You can still jump on one of the buses by sending a note to Jimi at roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com or click here for exhaustive information!

Standing Up

Show Your Colors

There will be plenty of opportunity to sport your best gear and wave our flags high in the lair of the evil Red Bull Empire! The vile fizzy drink makers are already smarting from being blackmailed with a contamination scare, now it is time to Black & Red mail their arena!!

Whether you want to show off your Standing Up for D.C. or Bill Hamid’s favorite “Can’t Hold Us Back” scarf, you can buy them on the bus and all $20 will go to support United for D.C.

Proud Papa give game commentary

Live on NBC

Hey, this rivalry match is on the peacock mothership! So remember it is the first of three big matches on the NBC Sports Network and there are plenty of VW keys to our match.

Red Bull New York/NJ/whatever vs. D.C. United
Saturday, March 16th
Red Bull Arena

So, if you’re not going on the roadtrip – bring your posse out to one of the official D.C. United Bar Partners!

Raise the Flags High at RFK

We Return to RFK

Don’t forget that we’ll be right back in the stands next Saturday as we face the Crew at a special mid-afternoon time!

D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew
Saturday, March 23rd
RFK Stadium

Remember how hard it was to find seats in our sections for the last match? Well, Nicole can get you all squared away at tickets@screaming-eagles.com before the deluge of orders.

Will Greet You in Lot 8

Everyone is Greeted with a Smile in Lot 8

We can’t guarantee that Will Chang will personally welcome you to every tailgate, but our volunteers most certainly will!

The early start of the Crew match will move up all our timing a wee bit. So the call for more volunteers has already gone out!

The beverage tent will open at 11:30, and buffet tent will open at noon. That means setup people will hit the ground running at 10:30AM, beverage tent people will arrive at 11:00AM, and buffet/grillers will show up at 11:30AM. Hopefully, the weather will hold out like the last tailgate!

If you would like to volunteer please send a note to tailgatevol@screaming-eagles.com

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