DCU & USMNT – Youth Will Be Served

USA fans don't panic

Don’t Hit the Panic Button Quite Yet!

The cries of anguish could be heard echoing around the walls of Ri Ra and Laughing Man on Wednesday, but the reality is that in true Monty Python fashion “We’re not dead yet!”.

Far from it in fact.

The epic fail of Mexico against Jamaica that brought out the boo birds in the Azteca is a clear sign that this Hex has the potential of being a long, hard slog. Feel free to vent your thoughts on our Facebook page!

Andy Najar hungry for more

Andy is Off to Feed His Hunger

Sadly, young Najar was not able to experience the raucous atmosphere of San Pedro Sula due to an injury and was swinging by RFK Stadium instead to say his good-bye’s before returning to recuperate in time for action in the Jupiler league.

As tough as it is to see him leave, we wish him all the best as he feasts on European opponents as he will always be a role model for our next generaton of academy stars.

Vaya Con Dios!

Ben is a Card

Olsen’s Army is Comforted

If you missed the Season Ticket Holder Q&A with Ben, never fear, there will be another opportunity. Nicole is still taking plan orders and single game tix in all of our fast-filling sections at tickets@screaming-eagles.com!

However, one big takeaway from the event is how confident Benny is in his youth movement. His honesty when discussing the challenges as both a young coach and the lessons learned along the way is always a welcome breath of fresh air.

Young Black & Red

Olsen’s Army of All Ages is Ready

Although the coach noted that the Black & Red are a little dinged up at the moment, he is looking forward to the Florida warmth for the opportunity to get some serious training and games in.

If you want to see the first game of the Disney Pro Soccer Classic or any of the subsequent ones at a discount (or any other trek), drop Jimi a note at roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com

February 9th, 13th, 16th, and 23rd

  • $11.25 per session per day (2 matches per session)
  • $21.25 for an entire day (4 matches total)

After ANC mail

Plenty to Occupy a Fan

Your team may be out of the African Cup of Nations, but we will have lots of fun lined up for you instead – so get ready to mark your calendars!

SEAT (SE’s at the Theater) will be gathering for A Good Day to Die Hard on Saturday, February 16th, drop a note to outreach@screaming-eagles.com if you want some double McClane action! 

We will be having a celebration for all of our volunteers on Sunday, February 17th 1pm – 5pm check your inbox for an invite or drop us a note at info@screaming-eagles.com if you would like to attend.

Have you signed up for the Whitetail tubing trek on Saturday, February 23rd yet?

Keep an eye out for the membership mailing which we would love for you to share with everyone you know so that we pack the house for the season opener and beyond.

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