DCU Deadline Today – Tick! Tock!

Florida State represents

Break out Your Florida Gear!

Tired of the miserable cold and all those coworkers carrying the flu bug? D.C. United and the Central Florida Sports Commission wants to send you to join the team for their preseason trip in Orlando!

But you have to get your entry into the 2013 Pre-season Sweepstakes by 11am TODAY (Wednesday)! For more info on rules click here. If you don’t end up winning, Jimi can still help you out – just drop a note to roadtrips@screaming-eagles.com

Checking Out Seats in the Ledge

Have you Chosen the Perfect Seat Yet?

Thanks to all who have made Nicole’s task a little easier by submitting your season ticket orders already! There is still time to get yours in if you act fast!!

As a bonus, Season Ticket Holders get first crack at additonal seats for the Home Opener on March 9th as we take on brewmaster Nick Rimando & Real Salt Lake. So what are you waiting for?

Cost?!! Don’t let that be a deterrent as you can sign up for the installment payment plan. Just drop a note to tickets@screaming-eagles.com with whatever questions you might have.

Cover the Draft

The Revolution will NOT be Televised

Nor the stars in the Bruce Arena Galaxy and not even our very own Ben and Dave show, so for all those who have questions on how to keep up with all the latest from the MLS Superdraft – not to fear!

For those junkies who have been poring over all the latest from the scouting combine, you can continue to huddle around your warm glowing screen for the live stream or all the social media options tomorrow.

Seaton joins United

Why Wait for the Draft

For those who may have missed the news, we welcome a local lad to the side straight out of the DCU Academy!

Michael Seaton seems not only a solid citizen with his head screwed on straight, but will benefit from more than just sitting next to DeRo on plane trips :)

Frank Yallop and Kevin Payne

No, not THAT Canadian

Rumor has it that Kevin Payne was not content with just snagging Ryan Nelsen, but is now plundering our coaching ranks for talent as well.

While we wish Pat all the best and hope the transition is smooth for the entire Onstad clan (who had become fan favorites in these parts), we are curious as to what the compensation from Toronto will end up being and more than a little concerned that he might have the inside track on our draft “strategery”.

Feel free to speculate on facebook and twitter!!

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