Off-SEason Marathon Weekend

Vamos United for D.C.

On such a traumatic end of the week for both a small town in Connecticut and the nation, we pause to give thanks to those who go out of their way to help children.

While we take a moment to thank the teachers who are such a huge part of the lives of our children, we also want to focus some attention on those in our own little community who truly make a difference.

Aprile Pritchet, Kat Cheshire, Michael Vaughan-Cherubin and all those at United for D.C. who work so hard to enhance the lives of children in our community most in need of support.

Not-So-Secret Sale

In the old days a handful of the hardcore would show up in the pre-dawn for the equipment sale and snag a random jersey of their favorite star after leisurely sifting through the bins.

Now hundreds line up for the chance to do the same. This year all items were sold out in record time soon after the Season Ticket Holders had gone through in the pre-sale period.

Santarchy Was a Blast

While our ticketmistress labored with the first wave of orders for 2013 seats, many other members were out carousing on the mall and beyond.

From brunch in Chinatown to the Sculpture Garden Ice Rink to the Carousel on the Mall, Screaming Eagles in all sorts of interesting festive garb streamed in to join the holiday flash mob.

Santa! Santa! Santa!

Then it was off to spread the holiday cheer to surprised tourists and passersby from the Mall to National Menorah and Christmas Tree to the gates of the White House itself.

Some SE Santas managed to make it through the entire pub crawl that lasted long into the early hours with dancing and frolicking galore!

Pizza Après Cinema

Capping off the weekend activities was a SEAT (Screaming Eagles at the Theater) showing of the Hobbit in 3D that got two thumbs up for both the comfy barcaloungers and relaxed pizza party afterwards.

We were thrilled to have Nicole join us for the affair and she already reports that she is taking not only ticket orders, but membership renewals at

If you have a show or an off-season event idea, please don’t hesitate to share!

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