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* First Batch of Draft Pics
* Sunday Brunch Bunch is Back
* USA – Argentina Road Trip Details Roll In
* Party Invites to the Cinema & Drafthouse
* Grab the Last of the Tribute Scarves

A little Argie Bargie with the nutty Norsemen from New Joisey

Not Exactly the Shy and Retiring Types

Let’s be honest, supporters who travel from long distances to participate in creating the festive environment during the MLS Draft are not exactly wallflowers… and we are certain that folks have the pics to prove it. Our first batch is up, but you are more than welcome to load any you would like to share too!

Come share a pint with friends today

EPL Explosion at Kitty’s

Just hours away to kickoff and you can gather with folks to soak it all up! Whether you are rooting for Tim Howard and the Blue side of the Merseyside derby or are hoping that the Dalglish magic is back for the Reds, you know history will be made.

The second match may have more impact on the race for the championship as Tottenham is feeling confident under Harry and Sir Alex is playing mind games of his own again!

Liverpool vs. Everton at 9am
Tottenham vs. Manchester United at 11am

Kitty O’Shea’s
1 block from Courthouse Metro
Arlington VA

Time to get your patriotic gear on

The Buses are Filling – Don’t Miss Out!

We took four buses on our last trek up I-95 for a US National Team gig and we are preparing to do it again. If you want to get your name on the bus list, drop a note to Jimi at

USA vs. Argentina
Saturday, March 26th
New Meadowlands Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ

Complete packages and pricing are now up on the roadtrip page, but here is the simplified version:

The way to save big bucks on this trip, is to get your membership up-to-date and send in a check (or just hand it over at any of our upcoming events).You can do the bus and ticket combo package for as low as $90 if you are a member in good standing. And we all know how upstanding our members are! Heck, you can put membership and roadtrip payments all together in one check – just make sure you send a note that you are doing so!

If you want to use:

  • paypal
  • buy bus seat only
  • buy ticket only

or are a non-member who can’t fathom what a great deal it is to become a part of our merry band of soccer nuts, please consult the detailed menu of options.

For more information, just email Jimi at or chat to him at the Kick-Off Shindig next Saturday.

RSVP's are rolling in - please join us!

You Are Cordially Invited to Attend on Jan 22nd

The excitement is building for the big bash next Saturday night as we get ready to cheer on Dax McCarty (we hope) as he takes center stage against Chile on the big screen at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse!

We thank everybody who has been helping spread the word to your soccer loving friends (that are 21 or over) to join us for the grand soccer celebration. The more, the merrier!!

Come Celebrate our Sport in Style

2011 Kick Off Shindig
USA vs. Chile
Saturday, January 22nd
10pm on into the night
Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

2903 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA
* Must be 21 years or older for this event*

If you or someone you know is coming to the event, please send in an RSVP to so that we can make sure that we request to have enough staff on hand to take our orders during the extravaganza. Remember to tip your waitress well!!

Do you have the Royal Tribute Scarf in your collection?

The King may have left the building

But you still have a chance to snag one of the few remaining Jaime Moreno scarves before they are all gone! Drop a note to Kevin at so that he can reserve one for you and he will have it available for you at the shindig on Saturday.

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