Rally To Keep United in DC Scheduled for May 9

Many of you may have heard rumors of fan-driven plans for a rally to show support for a DC United stadium in the DC area. Well, we’re proud to announce that those plans have come to fruition, and that all United fans – Screaming Eagles, Barra Brava, La Norte, and the unaffiliated – will be marching together in support of the team. The rally and march will be held on the afternoon of May 9th before the match against Toronto FC.

The rally will begin at Lincoln Park, 11th and East Capitol Street, at 3:30 PM. Shuttles will be running between RFK Stadium and Lincoln Park before the rally, and parking will be available at RFK for at least one hour before the start of the rally. However, please strongly consider using Metro (Eastern Market is the closest station, click here for walking map) because shuttle space will be limited. We’ll gather at the park at 3:30, and then march down East Capitol Street to RFK. When we get to the stadium there will be another short rally, and then we’ll tailgate in Lot 8 as normal around 4:30 pm.

Please mark your calendars and watch our e-mails for more information, and remember that this is not a rally expressing support or opposition for any one jurisdiction over another. This is about keeping United in the DC metropolitan area, period.

If you’re interested in creating signage or banners for the rally, please contact SE President Paul Sotoudeh at paul@screaming-eagles.com.

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