Episode 85: Volkswagen Press Conference

Photo courtesy Dan Steinberg of the Sports Bog.

No pun or pop culture reference in the title of today’s episode. That’s right, today I’m going for sleek, German efficiency as a welcoming tribute to our new corporate overlords.

If you’ve ever been in the VIP (now Volkswagen) Lounge for a function or an equipment sale, you would be shocked at how it looks.  A complete paint job in white, with the exposed celing in black, with a nice image of Jaime Moreno silk-screened on one wall, and some comfortable chairs and couches. It looks fantastic and actually fitting for VIPs now.  There was also a big VW logo above the bar. I asked Fred Matthes when it got renovated and he said, “In the past 72 hours. It felt like one of those HGTV shows.”

Walking down to the press conference, I saw Dave Johnson, who, despite his schedule, always has time for a chat. We talked about Gordon Bradley and I complimented him on the beautiful tribute he wrote about him on Behind The Badge. 

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