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A few years ago, many thought that DC United was under the influence of the Elliot in the Morning Curse. It began when Elliot began to regularly interview Jeff Agoos, it was a good bit for the show, and DC United got some publicity and exposure. Jeff’s personality really clicked with the show (probably had nothing to do with his then model girlfriend). Then Agoos was traded as part of the 2001 purge. No problem, Carey Talley can fill the void……until he was traded in 2002. But that was fine, too, as United was loaded with fine people. Eddie Pope became the next victim regular guest, until he was traded before the 2003 season. Many folks were concerned when the next player stepped into the breech: Ben Olsen. Not only was he the heart and soul of the team, but he’s foiled the EITM Curse.

Or is the curse transferable?

Last year, The Washington Post launched the DC Sports Bog by Dan Steinberg (Dan, I’m sorry for throwing you under the bus on this….maybe). It’s a great ‘other look’ at sports in and around the Greater Washington DC Area. As the SportsBog began (and before he moved into the Wizards locker room), Dan needed material, one of his first successful stunts involved the short-lived new NBA basketball, a traditional NBA basketball, a pumpkin, RFK Stadium, and several members of DC United. Most notably Alecko Eskandarian, Troy Perkins, Ryan McIntosh, Freddy Adu, and Bobby Boswell. Read about it here. Note that thirteen and a half months later, they’re all gone (well, Troy’s still pending a transfer, but you get the point). Then, the SportsBog’s next bit of popularity was it’s never ending coverage of DC101′s Water Wars…..staring Nick Rimando, since traded to Real Salt Lake. Actually, looking over that timeframe, the SportsBog has had Alecko Eskandarian, Nick Rimando, and Bobby Boswell as major sources of material. Throw in some Troy Perkins (and his dog) for good measure, and it looks like the SportsBog may be more devastating for a United player’s stay in DC than Elliot in the Morning.

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